Who We Are

AL BARAKE LTD is HR and business management consultancy firm based in Nottingham that has been incorporated to provide the full range of business to small and medium firms in and around Nottingham. Our services include advice regarding business start-ups to management of mergers and acquisitions. A small part of our services include advice about finances and Islamic banking. The majority of our customers will be start up and experienced businesses that need management services or require these services to help improve their business processes.

Al-Barake Limited operates in the market since 2014 when it registered with Company House on 29th April 2014. The company registered office is located in Nottingham and has company house registration No: 09015711.

Employees are the face of a company and we make all possible efforts to create a happy, friendly and motivated environment for employees to work in. Employments opportunities will are available and the company is recently in demand of quality HR experts and business development managers.


Make the Change

We can cater to any firms’ needs and requirement even if the firm may want to incorporate their beliefs into their organization.

We dont not however, focus on acquiring customers that specifically need Islamic banking services but it is an option that partially is used to draw customers to our core business management services. Similarly, our uniqueness also are marked by the fact that we provide a level of financial analysis and our prices are relevant to the market, competitive and will also denote value for money.

Al Barake in nut shell provides a full range of quality business management service and consulting solutions that yet are different to its competitors. At Al-Barake Limited we are sure to draw customers through our business unique features and professionalism.


We are much happy for the timely services you have provided to our business. We will be the first one to recommend you to our business parteners.

Jonathan Smith